Trends: Build Luxury Amenities in Your Chicago Luxury Home Specifically for Children

Building a Chicago home from scratch means the amenities, additions and customizations can go as far as your imagination. A foodie might add serious upgrades to the kitchen space; an art collector might want a just-right space to display their collection. Or maybe it’s simply a matter of turning your favorite room in the house into a sanctuary built just for you.
But there’s another building trend that is customized around a member of the house: the teen suite.
The Wall St. Journal recently reported that parents with kids between 10 and 17 years old are looking for more ways to keep them hanging out at home, and are looking to architects and designers for creative ways to do just that. Teen lounges, sleepover spaces and homework “offices” are a new category of space showing up in family homes.
The theory behind these so called “teen suites” is a way to encourage children to spend more time at home, but the article says it can also help maintain peace between parents and their children since each has their own dedicated space.

Consider Child-Centric Amenities When Building a Chicago Luxury Home

The fun part of creating a teen space is that it can be different and more fun than the rest of the home. But it’s important to consider the future of your home when designing such a specific, custom space. Kids grow up, after all, and if you want to sell your home down the line, doing so can be much more difficult with a space that’s been designed so specifically that the next owners can’t picture themselves in it.
If you’re considering a teen suite or something similar, the space should be designed in a way that can be converted back—to a more traditional space, in-law quarters or even expansive guest quarters. The design simply has to be adaptable both for your lifestyle when children move out, and to retain your home’s resale value when it’s time to sell.

Customizing Your Own Chicago Home

If you’re thinking of building a luxury Chicago home and specifically want to develop special luxury amenities, give me a call. We can discuss how I can work with you and the designers, builders and architects to accomplish your goal, whether it’s to build a dream space for your kids, a fully customized collection, or in-home displays for an art collection. I even have access to an amazing lighting expert for special needs that arise when building such a space.
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