Trends in Bathroom Design for Your Chicago Luxury Home

I’ve long highlighted particular Chicago real estate trends as they pertain to designing your home and maximizing resale value down the line. Many of these conversations center around the kitchen, which in the last several years has taken center stage as the “hub” for the home.
But there’s a similar trend on the horizon for another room in the house: the bathroom. The master bath in particular is going through a bit of an evolution, becoming less of a functional, utility room and more of a destination within the home, built for lounging and relaxing.
Assessing Home Trends in Chicago Real Estate
Like all home trends, it’s important to evaluate what buyers and builders are looking for and consider what might have staying power when it comes to home design. Some may only last a season or two, whereas others may completely change the way we think about these rooms when building real estate in Chicago.
Here’s a look at some of the noteworthy trends seen in real estate design:
Leaving out the bathtub: The New York Times even recently covered this trend, noting a study from that said more than half of respondents planned to leave the bathtub out of their master bathrooms altogether, mostly in lieu of a large shower. One thing to note is that most of those who plan to do so are those over 45, so they may not have young children that would use a tub on a regular basis.
High-end finishes: Similar to granite making its way into kitchen countertops, bathrooms are now being swathed in high-end finishes like Carrera marble.
His and hers: The idea of a his-and-hers bathroom is going far beyond double sinks. Buyers and remodelers are looking for his-and-her suites within the master bath, with everything from separate toilets to walk-in closets.
Oversized showers: Even if the bathtub stays, showers are gaining some serious square footage, plus incorporating things like multiple sprays, double entrances and high-end tile.
A grand lighting scheme: Getting the lighting just right is more important than ever to help the bathroom move from getting ready in the morning to decompressing at the end of the day. With such an expansive space, it’s also not uncommon to see a statement-making chandelier in the middle of the bathroom, in addition to dimmable recessed lighting and focused task lighting in certain areas.
A stunning bathroom can really up the “wow” factor in a home and set it apart from others on the market. Even if you aren’t buying, selling or building a Chicago home right now, design trends like this are important for homeowners to keep in mind to help you be more competitive when it does come time to sell.
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