Ulta Luxury Single Family Chicago Homes

Just take a drive down the 1800 to 1900 blocks of Howe, Orchard and Burling Streets and you are sure to be in another world. And, you’re in Lincoln Park not the Gold Coast. You will find some of the most luxurious newer single family homes in Chicago that are on 30 foot wide sites, double lots- 50 feet wide and even some mega homes on three to 5 lots. And you will also find that you can have your own cutomized home, with over 8,500 + square feet for just over $5.5 million. But don’t forget the two other exciting homes on Howe, one for approxiately $4.2 million and $5.7 million. And on Burling the price tag is equally exciting, with one house on the market for approximately $4.1 million while another is priced at $5.0 million. And if you are on a buget, you can still live with the ultra rich for a mere $1.8 million.