Unique Chicago Real Estate To Become A Restaurant

The real estate market is certainly expanding, and in this case, it is two miles off Oak Street. Yes, the Carter H. Harrison Water Intake Crib is going to become a high end restaurant called the Crib. The chef and owner is Albert D’Angelo.
The interesting thing about this unique restaurant is the cost, $1,600 for the chef’s table which seats four. Also, the need for the chef to have you checked out by security, to make sure you do not have any digital cameras. In addition, you will have to sign a nondisclosure agreement at the dock before you are swept off in a speedboat from various, to be determined, shore locations.
D’Angelo, who is well know in New York for his gastronomical creations, wants to make sure variations of his meals do not appear in other well known Chicago restaurants.
It is obvious, this restaurant will be for the ultra-rich. D’Angelo is striving for the ultimate unique experience in addition to making his restuarant a world-class destination for gourmets. Hopefully, Chicago’s Michigan Lake waters will be tepid for this exciting restaurant opening.