Why a Chicago Luxury Home Should Have a Cutting-Edge Kitchen

Trends certainly come and go in Chicago real estate, but there is one lifestyle change that everyone seems to be adopting: one spectacular kitchen space.
Homeowners today want space in the kitchen—whether for foodie experiments, easier home cooking or entertaining guests year-round. Even a look at your local cable stations shows what an interest the population has taken in food, with shows like Top Chef, Master Chef, Iron Chef—it’s clear people are looking for everything from tips and tricks to unheard of recipes to try in their own homes. And to make it all happen requires a kitchen that was built for efficiency—must like those found in restaurants. And that’s exactly the direction that many kitchens are headed.
With growing trends such as this one, it’s no wonder people are looking to be au current on kitchen trends, seeking the most up-to-date appliances, advanced technology and generous space for any kitchen adventure they can dream of.

Technology and Efficiency a Key Part of Kitchen Trends

For homebuyers and sellers alike, sticking to trends like this do come into play when it comes to real estate transactions. Homebuyers can get an idea of not only what’s popular on the market, but what will be important features in a home when considering its resale value down the line. Sellers can evaluate how their own homes stack up to what’s popular in residential design and use that to help gauge the market accordingly.
One of the key tenets of a lasting kitchen design lies in the accouterments—name-brand, high-end appliances and fixtures are a must. When it comes to building a chef-style space, there are a number of standout names that should be considered when building Chicago new construction or remodeling/renovating:
Sub-Zero & Wolf: Refrigerators, freezers and wine storage designed with advanced technology.
Kohler: High-design, high-performing kitchen fixtures like faucets, sinks and more.
Kraus: A tastefully curated range of sinks, faucets and accessories built with modern convenience in mind.
Dornbracht: Premium fixtures built for sophisticated functionality.
Miele: From ovens to refrigerators, Miele’s high-end domestic appliances are a staple in any luxury home.
Such appliance upgrades also help to up the “wow” factor, which sets one home apart from the other in today’s competitive market. Features like this are what differentiate the home that gets multiple offers in a few short days from the one that sits on the market for weeks with no activity.

Maximize Resale Value in Chicago Real Estate

Even if you aren’t buying, selling, or building Chicago real estate right now, design trends like this are important for homeowners to keep in mind. In the eyes of a buyer, it’s characteristics like this that take a home from average to spectacular and make them willing to pay for it. Considering these trends now or during a renovating or remodeling project will help you me more competitive when it does come time to sell.
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