Why Some Properties Stay On The Market A Long Time

In a tough market, properties that do not sell fast are typically the ones that sellers have made errors in judgement when making selections…in new construction projects or when renovating a unit. Remember, it is best to keep selections as simple and as neutral as possible.
Dropped ceilings in a unit doesn’t work in this real estate market especially if the ceiling ends up less than nine feet high.
Keep the back splash simple, best to use the same stone and color as the counter top. You may love having an intricate design for the back splash, however, nine out of ten buyers probably do not. A simple stainless steel back splash on the other hand is usually enjoyed by most buyers.
When in doubt, keep the bathroom white or use neutral stone. You may love dark colored stone in the bathroom, but most buyers do not. Remember, your taste can be expressed in the accessories you select.
Maintain continuity as much as possible. The fireplace surround should be the same color as the counter top, given that the kitchen is open to the living area.
Rounding off square or rectangular rooms is a definite no. Most buyers are really turned off by this configuration.
Except for the bedrooms, carpet is out and hardwood is in. Note, clients are very much aware of the differences between pre-finished floors and real hardwood, which can be stained any color and also take a number of sandings. Oak and walnut are the preferred woods.
Ultimately it is the price and location of your real estate that determines how fast the property will sell, however, if you pay attention to the details, your property will certainly sell even faster.