World's Most Exclusive Club: The Pinnacle of Luxury

Right now Chicago is home to some of the most amazing homes in the world.  However, even the most luxurious Chicago real estate might not be as exclusive as what this Hong Kong based company has to offer – this new private membership club might very well be the most exclusive club in the world.
If you want to be part of the world’s most exclusive and expensive membership club you better act fast because Richman’s IMC the creators of this exclusive club are only allowing one hundred members to join. A thirty year membership will set you back $15.2 million dollars – but it seems like it is more than worth it.

Members of this exclusive private club will have first class access and VIP treatment to all RS Management properties and affiliates, which include luxury hotels and restaurants all over the globe, mega yachts, yacht clubs, country clubs, golf courses, jockey clubs including the right to own and race horses at China’s Royal Nanjing Jockey Club, ski resorts, hunting clubs, gentlemen’s clubs, and supper clubs.

Members also enjoy privileges aboard high end yachts and private planes with fine dining, spa treatments, global executive travel assistance, personal bodyguards, and specialized travel guides.

What else is included is this private membership? You will have the ability to charge expenses using a biometrics-protected exclusive club card with a credit card line up to $1,000,000.
Why has Richman’s IMC decided to create this club now, considering the state of the global economy? General Managers for Richman’s are saying that members save up to 40% overall, so it is actually a good deal all things considered.  Besides, if you live in a Chicago luxury home, wouldn’t you want to extend that feeling when you travel?   And the networking opportunities in this kind of club have to be amazing.
For information on Chicago homes that are nearly as luxurious as this club, call or email Chicago real estate agent Sheldon Salnick.